the art of ballOOn-painting

by uwe kurz

Red Parrot
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Red Parrott (2000)

Dispersion Paint on Watercolour-Paper
70 x 100 cm


»Thousands of birds, worthy of this place by the beauty of their singing or the beauty of their plumage, nightingales and iridescent hummingbirds, parrots of the most multicolored and brightest shades, gold pheasants and cayenne firecocks, brightened up the little grove of bitter oranges and the everflowering bushes, and innumerable butterflies, whose colours exceeded the most beautiful from Surinam, fluttered in the sunlight like alive flowers between the shrubbery. Everything breathed unity and love in this terrestrial Elysium.«


Timander and Melissa

faithfully translated by Uwe Kurz



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