the art of ballOOn-painting

by uwe kurz

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Corals (1999/2000)

Dispersion Paint on Watercolour-Paper
44 x 60 cm


»Like the magnificent red, yellow, violet and blue colours of many birds and insects appear in the dark-green forest of Ceylon more beautiful, so do also the same lively colours of many sea-animals on the coral-reefs. Many small fishes and little crabs, looking up their food between the branched corals, are quite particularly characterised by such splendour colours, connected with most delicate and most strange markings. In addition, some individual magnificent corals are quite multicolored and remarkably colored.«


E. Haeckel
Indische Reisebriefe. 1882
(Letters From India 1882)

faithfully translated by Uwe Kurz



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