the art of ballOOn-painting

by uwe kurz

Apocalyptic Horseman
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Apokalyptic Horseman (1999)

Dispersion Paint on Watercolour-Paper
40 x 52 cm


»And now indeed it was as if they had verily overtaken night in her western caves. For the air waxed darker about them and always darker, until the great peaks that stood round Ravary were hidden, and all the green land of Zimiamiva with its plains and winding waters and hills and uplands and enchanted woods, hidden and lost in an evil twilight. And the upper heaven was ateem with portents: whole armies of men, skirmishing in the air, dragons, wild beasts, bloody streamers, blazing comets, fiery strakes, with other apparations innumerable.«


E. R. Eddison
The Worm Ouroboros



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